Waxing & Threading

Threading is fast becoming the most popular treatment to have to neaten and define eyebrows. A cotton thread is used to remove hair at the roots, unlike tweezing, where just one hair is removed at a time, threading removes multiple hairs in a line creating a very defined, neat but natural looking brow shape. Some clients have commented that it is less painful than waxing, more efficient and also they don’t suffer with as much redness. Threading can also be used to remove facial hair.

With over 7 years experience of threading brows…Emma’s the threading specialist!

Lip or Chin (wax or thread)£7£6£4
Lip & Chin (wax or thread)£12£11£10
Brow Shape (wax or thread)£12.50£10.50-
Facial – including cheeks, upper lip & chin (thread only)£18£16£14
Half Leg£20£18£16
Full Leg£32£29£26
Standard Bikini£16£14£12
High Bikini£20£18£16
Californian – strip & hot waxed used£26£24£22
Brazilian – strip & hot waxed used£30£28£26
Hollywood – strip & hot waxed used£32£30£28
Full Leg and Standard Bikini£40£38£36
Full Leg and High Bikini£46£42£40