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Moisturising Mask


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The Moisturising Mask intensely rehydrates and soothes dry skin. Softness is restored and skin is left instantly nourished, hydrated and protected thanks to a formula rich in grape-seed oil, Vinolevure® and plant glycerine.


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The Moisturizing Cream-Mask instantly soothes and rehydrates skin, restoring comfort and leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. Suitable for all skin types.
90% soothed skin*
* Use test, 20 volunteers, % of satisfaction

how to use

Apply twice a week to the face and eye contour area. Remove excess facial mask after 15 minutes, or leave on all night.
Vinotherapist’s advice:
For drier skin, you can also apply a thin layer of it and leave it on all night, like a sleeping mask.

what is in it

Grape Polyphenols: anti-oxidant
Vinolevure: strengthening and moisturising
Grape oil: nourishing