Leonetta Hamilton-White

BA Psych; MNCS Acc

Mobile Number: 07813 818705

“Counselling… Through personal and work experience I have recognised the importance of having a place to think, a place where you can ‘stop the train’ even for a few minutes a week. In that place you have a chance to work out what makes you you, and what you and only you want to change… Change is frightening, and needing support can be full of horror, shame, and embarrassment for many of us. But the need to adapt and change for ourselves and our loved ones is with us all the time. If it is not addressed it can harm us, our selves, our relationships, our families, our workplace. I believe in providing tailored counselling that gives you a safe place to be you and address the issues and expectations you have without fear of judgement, bias or pressure. I believe counselling allows you to re-connect with and use your inner resources. Knowing the support is there to help you confront the pain, depression, grief, even trauma and to draw out your unique solution or path going forward. And supervision… I also provide independent supervision for the support of counsellors in training or qualified 1:1 and in groups. I bring experience both of private practice and over 4 years of Agency work. I believe as John Rowan said that supervision should be …a passionate, joint enquiry”.


Prices Per Session (usually 50 minutes): Counselling for individuals £35.00; couples £55 Supervision for individuals £40.00;

Training, Qualifications & Experience

My experience of working my way up in business and my personal life have given me a deep understanding of the stresses, issues and trauma that family life, relationships and we as individuals can experience.

I believe counselling supports individuals or couples in addressing these issues and life events; bereavement, redundancy, relationship breakdowns, illness, loss of self-esteem and confidence, anxiety and fear by tailoring the support to their needs, focusing it on their aspirations and truth.

Training to support my work has been fundemental to my ability to support others so I am a qualified Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Supervisor with CPCAB and have a BA degree in Psychology from Durham University. I am also an accredited member of the National Counselling Society.

As a counsellor and supervisor I work privately and within an Agency environment. I provide independent supervision to both trainee and qualified counsellors, 1:1 and in groups.