At Savage Beauty we stock a wide range of Caudalie including face and body products. All our therapist are trained in Caudalie and can offer personalised advice to help you find the perfect products for your skin. We are also a Caudalie Urban Spa offering Caudalie Spa facials. To find out more or to book in for some indulgent pampering see our treatment page.

Caudalie is the first French leading brand to harness the extraordinary power from the grapevine in scientifically advanced, natural and glamorous skincare. With three worldwide patents – grape Polyphenols provide 100% anti-oxidant protection, Resveratrol lifts and rejuvenates, Viniferine brightens and evens skin tone – each Caudalie product invites you to it’s intoxicating world.

“Do you know you are throwing away treasures? This sentence changed my life. It marks my meeting with Professor Vercauteren during the 1993 grape harvest in the vineyards of the Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte. He then revealed the amazing antioxidant powers of grapevine and grape polyphenols. Caudalie was born. I founded Caudalie with my husband Bertrand in 1995, and we still run this wonderful company with the same passion and conviction as on the very first day. Every week I test dozens of textures selecting the best ingredients, establishing what is best for the skin.” – Mathilde Thomas creator of Caudalie