About Us

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” – William Shakespeare

A lot of people ask me why I called my business ‘Savage Beauty’ especially as the word savage evokes other words like brutal, anger, barbaric. The atmosphere and décor of Savage Beauty is far from ‘savage’ and so are our treatments, the short of it is that it’s my surname. But it’s actually a lot more than that, it’s a tribute to an extremely special person… my dad!

As a little girl I was always so proud of him and took great delight in telling everyone he was a fireman. In my head that made him a hero! So when I lost my dad to cancer I wanted to do something that would make him proud of me. My family own businesses and so I suppose you could say it was in my blood to be a business owner, it was always something I wanted to do but never knew what business I would have.

I worked for cosmetic retailer SpaceNK in Bath for 4 years where I developed an obsession for the cosmetic industry. I loved the products, the training and most of all getting to know clients, talking to them about their skincare and make up. The most rewarding of it all was when they left with a massive smile on their faces, and in a selfish way I loved the fact that in a small way I could have just made that person’s day a little better. I decided to  train to be a beauty therapist, completing 2 years of training at Bath College. Whilst working and studying in Bath I came a total beauty junky; lash extensions, threading, waxing, tanning, nail….I would have every treatment going! I visited numerous salons and beauty hot spots and combined with all that I learnt with SpaceNK I started to see the niche! I would have all these amazing treatments and the therapists would take the time to advise me on after-care and how to get better results but they never retailed the products they were recommending. Or when advising people on skincare and make-up in SpaceNK I found myself referring them to therapists I had used. With out sounding cliché I started to think “wouldn’t it have been easier to have it all under one roof”….TA DA!!

I wanted to combine it all. A beautiful retail space, tranquil spacious treatments room and personalised expert advice. I took inspiration from all the little things that made me love having treatments so that I could pass that feeling onto our clients.

In October 2011 I made the decision to open Savage Beauty exactly 6 years after losing my dad. It all happened really quickly and the universe definitely pushed me in the right direction. I had the support of mum, Zach and all my family and 4 years later we have a list of over 1000 clients and a team of 4!

I couldn’t have created Savage Beauty without my friends and family and I couldn’t have made it a success without all our lovely and wonderful clients who are all now part of our SB family. Fancy joining the club?

Emma xx