From the grape vine comes…VINERGY®!
Caudalie’s new innovative patent technology.

Premier Cru Collection

I am so excited about the re-launch of the new Premier Cru range and specifically their new Premier Cru Serum!

Caudalie have 3 patent ingredients all derived from the grape vine all with their own specific job to do…

POLYPHENOL…anti-oxidant and anti-pollution

VINEFERINE…anti-pigmentation, radiance boosting, complexion correction

RESVERATROL [LIFT]…firming, lifting, 3-D sculpting

and now they have the most amazing innovative anti-ageing complex…VINERGY®

Caudalie have been working along side Harvard University’s ‘Anti-Ageing Guru’ Dr David Sinclair. Dr Sinclair has spent his career studying the ageing processes of our bodies and has an extensive knowledge of what happens to our skin as we age, and here is the really geeky part…

Our skin cells contain something called mitochondria, these give our skin the energy to function. When we are young our mitochondria mass is huge, meaning our cells are full of energy and are producing lots of collagen and elastin, giving us beautiful and youthful skin.
As our skin ages the mitochondria mass decreases, meaning our cells just don’t have the energy to produce their own collagen and elastin, pretty much exactly what happens to our whole bodies as we age.

Dr Sinclair has discovered  that when Resveratrol is combined with something called plant betaine (beetroot) and is applied on the skin the mitochondria mass is increased, not only that but it’s pretty much instant. As soon as our mitochondria mass increases the cells suddenly have the energy to produce more collagen and elastin…meaning….firm, plump and more youthful looking skin! I know amazing isn’t it!! Can you see now why I was excited?…and it doesn’t stop there. Any products you put on your skin will be more effective as the cells have energy to process the ingredients effectively.

So this amazing technology is in the new Premier Cru Serum! The idea is you use your serum first which delivers the Vinergy complex and then apply your day/night cream making them more effective.

The serum retails at £90.00 but I would say it is totally worth it. Our lovely Sally has been using it for 1 week and already seen great results, specifically on the cheeks and the mouth and jawline area. The skin looks smoother and firmer and apparently it feels lovely to apply.

Also don’t take just our word for it that tis product is amazing…it’s also been tested by Good Housekeeping institute and they thought it was so good they gave it an award!

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