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Alexandra Harbour

Alex is our in-house Aesthetics Nurse who has years of experiences from working in some of the country’s leading cosmetic clinics.
I have always been sceptical when it comes to anti-wrinkle injections and filler, from seeing images on social media of women looking ‘fake’ and lips looking…well ridiculous! When I was looking for someone to offer aesthetics at Savage Beauty I wanted them to have similar views as me, helping my clients to achieve a youthful but natural look. When I met Alex she explained absolutely everything to me including how anti-wrinkle injections and fillers work and how she uses them to achieve super natural results. If it’s something you have always considered book a consultation with her and she will be more than happy to talk you through all her services.
Book a free consultation by emailing Alexandra – alexandra@one-aesthetics.co.uk

Astrid Kauffmann

Astrid is a Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner….Yep, I had never heard of it before either! So in my own words I will try and explain it.
We all have energy running through our body, the energy runs through pathways and when these pathways become blocked it manifests itself in pain or discomfort. Over time these blockages not only effect the area around them but the whole pathway. This is a very very ancient art of healing dating back to the birth of Gautama (Buddha). It works by a JSJ practitioner placing their hands or fingers on your body over clothing and working on the different energy pathways to relieve the blockages and reduce the symptoms they are causing.
To try and understand JSJ a little bit more I have had a few treatments with Astrid, as part of my first treatment Astrid worked on my general well-being, reducing fatigue and increasing my immune system, which we all need and it was so relaxing. During my following treatments she started working on specific areas where she could feel energy blockages, and I instantly felt the benefits after the treatment. With JSJ you can also do holds on yourself at home to help continue the treatment or relieve symptoms. When I was recovering from a tonsillectomy, one evening I was in a lot of pain (even after taking very strong painkillers) I had kept my mum up for hours, it was all part of the healing and an infection. My mum did the holds Astrid had given me to relieve pain in the throat and head, within 15 minutes I had totally relaxed and managed to sleep. It’s an amazing holistic treatment and Astrid has so much passion for what she does.

She runs clinics at Savage Beauty on Saturdays, please call her to book an appointment 07794447067.

Leonetta Hamilton-White

Leonetta has been offer counselling at Savage Beauty for over 4 years now. I originally met her as a client and as we started talking she told me she was a counsellor, which explained her gentle, warm and empathetic nature, and why I literally wanted to tell her everything without her saying much at all.
As most of my clients know I lost my dad when I was 16, I didn’t speak to a counsellor until I started getting mild anxiety then I saw one through my GP. I only saw her twice as she wasn’t helping me at all, I found her patronising and instead of letting me just talk things through with her she always seemed to stir the conversation and she wasn’t the only one.
Leonetta has helped me through some really tough times and now I see her as part of my business coaching, we all need someone to talk to sometimes who is neutral.
She once explained to me how counselling works and I think this is a great way to look at it as we can all relate…
You have a wound and instead of dealing with the wound properly you just quickly bandage  it up. The wound gets a small infection so the bandage gets a bit bigger then the infection gets deeper and you need an even bigger bandage on top. The infection becomes so bad and so deep that you have to deal with it. One by one you peel each bandage off and the infection is finally exposed. It stings as you clean the infection, the healing hurts and aches but you know it means that the infection is going away…this is exactly how counselling works. 
Sometimes I found counselling a painful journey but it is so worth it! Leonetta simply points you in the right direction of your OWN journey and helps you along the way. She always makes sure you know it’s your journey and you have to do it …she can’t do it for you but she can support you.
I think ‘counselling’ is still a thing that no one talks about openly and seems to never admit they need…so like you would have a beauty treatment for your beauty needs and a holistic treatment for well-being you can have talking therapy for your emotional and mental well-being! Seems silly we prioritise our beauty needs over what our minds need.
You can talk to her about pretty much anything no matter how small or big it might seem…a situation you can’t deal with, feeling down generally, having family or relationship issues, bereavement, lack of confidence, past experiences that are effecting you now.
Leonetta runs clinics on Wednesdays at Savage Beauty. Give her a call for a chat / talking therapy 07813 818705


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